Here is a quick reference for all of this theme’s shortcodes. Enjoy!

The row shortcode is used to define a new area of content. Row fills up the full available content area of the site, and aligns the content inside of it with the header and footer of the site. Must be used in conjunction with the span shortcode. Rows wrap around their content (just like spans) with an opening tag: [row], and a closing tag: [/row]

screenshot row example

Here is a Page Headline

Here is an h1

Here is a Header (also h2)

Here is an h3

Here is an h4

Here is an h5

Here is an h6

The ‘span’ shortcode is used to divide a row into columns. Rows can be divided into a maximum of 12 individual columns before a line-break is forced. So, to create a full-width, 3 column row of content, you would write [span4]some content, and close that content with..[/span4] – THREE TIMES.

Screenshot of 3 column layout
An example of 3 column layout, using span4. Each of the logos here are wrapped in [span4][/span4]

Offset allows the insertion of an empty block of content, which acts as a spacer. The height of the offset is measured in pixels using the value property, and can be either positive or negative – if you wish to remove space between one element and the element above it. To use offset with a height of 25 pixels, simply type in [offset value="25"]. Use this shortcode between two rows to set an extra 25 pixels of space.

The ‘button’ shortcode is used to add new buttons which link to a destination. There are three native button sizes in this version of your theme (examples of each on the right). To add a button, use the shortcode like so: [button href="" size="small" title="Click Me!"].