BDNY’s signature Designed Spaces allow attendees to experience dozens of design elements for hospitality interiors in the context of exquisite lounges, cafes and other gathering spaces throughout the exhibit floor. Each space is created by a leading hospitality design team using products from multiple BDNY exhibitors/sponsors—a unique collaboration of industry innovators, with stunning results. All-new Designed Spaces for 2019 include:


Display #3821

by HVS Design

HVS Design

Design Team:

Susan Cordovilla-Gorton, Design Director

Michelle West, Design Director

Christine Shanahan, Principal

Allie Corneal,Creative Director of Branding

Welcome to Fig & Fable – an enchanting Coffee Bar experience that appeals to all senses while evoking a sense of discovery. Draped in lush greenery and effervescent lighting, Fig & Fable envelops guests with its whimsical garden-like charm, allowing them to create their own story within the space. Inspired by the iconic story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, this space features vibrant emerald green fabrics, warm wood tones, and brushed brass finishes that sit upon a bold, over-sized floral carpet. Come find areas to lounge, connect, and engage, where guests make the space their own. Catering to both the coffee and cocktail drinker alike, Fig & Fable is a flexible destination with appeal to everyone no matter what time of day.

Feature Area Sponsors:

Architectural Ceramics

BDL – Better Designed Lighting


Fairmont Designs

Kevin Barry Fine Art

Swavelle-Mill Creek Contract Fabrics

Product Contributor:

Pioneer Pro Audio


Display #2839

by Hilton


Design Team:

Barry Sullivan, Director of Design, Hilton

Luisa Gonzalez, Sr. Design Manager, Hilton

Katie Kelchner, Sr. Design Manager, Hilton

Ashley Michaels, Design Manager, Hilton

Teri Dolan, Design Manager, Hilton

Carlota Tulloch, VP Brand Engagement and FF&E Procurement, Hilton Supply Management

PJ Barbour, Sr. Director Brand Engagement, Hilton Supply Management

Join us in celebrating Hilton’s 100th year anniversary! We invite you to come experience our past contributions to hospitality, interpreted through today’s technology with a look towards the innovations of tomorrow. For centuries, travelers around the globe have collected their favorite travel mementos and displayed them prominently on ribbon boards to cherish for years to come. Our interpretation envelops our design space throughout, while displaying Hilton’s influence in hospitality and our philanthropic efforts through the establishment of the Hilton Effect Foundation, the launch of Room 702 and our continued commitment to Travel with Purpose. We invite you to share your favorite travel memories with us to be incorporated into our live art installation.

Feature Area Sponsors:


Applied Textiles

Fabric Innovations

Formica Corporation

HF Collection



Product Contributors:

Pioneer Pro Audio

StonePeak Ceramics


A Networking Lounge brought to you by Tribute Portfolio

Display #L1

by Marriott International & Design Poole


Design Team:


Alison Sobeck, Senior Interior Design Manager

Greg McCullough, Director, Design and Project Management

Linda Laucirica, Senior Director, Design Management

Ashley Ewing Parrott, Director, Brand Management

Design Poole:

Trisha Poole, President

Jorden Adams, Director of Design

Jaymie Borchardt, Interior Designer

Seowoo Jung, Design Assistant

Inspired by the spirit of ingenuity, the Exchange, a networking lounge brought to you by Tribute Portfolio, embodies the process of creativity and collaboration required to deliver a successful three-dimensional expression of a unique hotel brand.

Designed as the ultimate neighborhood bar, this modern-day Salon offers an atmosphere ripe for the free-flowing exchange of ideas. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of the Modern Maverick. Defining an urban consciousness with a bold, creative vibe, today’s new thought leaders sow their ideas for the future on the steps of the city. Just as busy streets transform from work to play, the atmosphere of the lounge will transform as influenced by its visitors.

Learn how Tribute Portfolio captures the imagination with its vibrant social scene, captivating design and sincere service. Grab a front row seat and become a part of this tribe of doers and makers creating the future of hospitality.

Feature Area Sponsors:



LacquerCraft Hospitality

LDF Silk

Justin David Textiles

Ratana Furniture

Renaissance Contracts Lighting and Metal Furniture

Studio EL

Wonderly’s Commercial Window Treatments & Bedding

Product Contributors:

Levinger Booths & Banquettes

Pioneer Pro Audio


Display #2183

by EOA


Design Team:

Malcom Berg, President

Chausey Dickinson

Harris Levy

Antonella Jahn

Irene Abreu

Life is fast, sometimes relentless. Stop, breathe, re-center yourself. Step out of the overwhelming rush, step into a space of reductive simplicity. Pause, let yourself flow into an eddy of green – a stratified canyon with eroded walls protecting nurtured lushness. Step into Urban Lush.

Feature Area Sponsors:


DAC Art Consulting

Formica Corporation



Product Contributor:

Pioneer Pro Audio


Display #2339

by Wimberly Interiors


Design Team:

Adam Darter, Senior Associate + Project Manager

Soohyon Chung, Senior Designer

Margaret McMahon, SVP + Global Director, Interiors

We are very excited to be partnering with Valley Forge, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Lodging Concepts, Fine Art Lamps, Milliken and Indoteak on a booth for BDNY this year. We teamed up with these partners to create a very special booth. It was important to everyone involved that we create a space that would not only showcase the products, but also highlighted a vision of sustainable values and beliefs. We made a great effort in thoughtfully selecting recycled materials and finishes, making sure that we really put these values into practice. Continuing with sustainability in mind, the forms and shapes used throughout the space are inspired by nature and the elements that the sustainable practices of Valley Forge and their partners seek to conserve.

Feature Area Sponsors:

Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting

Lodging Concepts Manufacturing


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Contract

Valley Forge Fabrics

Product Contributor:

Pioneer Pro Audio

Indoteak Design