Adam Marquis

Pacifica Hotels - Invest West

Adam Marquis joined Pacifica Hotels in 2010 and was promoted to President in 2019. Pacifica Hotels owns and/or operates forty independent and flagged properties across the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco, as well as Hawaii. Adam and his team undertook the challenge to revamp the Pacifica portfolio of coastal focused service properties to a much more contemporary and boutique positioning. With this vision in mind, Pacifica Design Group, was re-launched and began producing innovative and cutting-edge design on new and existing portfolio properties to maximize profitability in their respective markets. These strategic efforts translated into an enhanced guest service culture, greater rooms and F&B revenue, and gave Pacifica the reputation of a reformer in the hospitality industry. Thinking outside the box, Adam and his team developed two internal brands the “Kinney”, a location-driven and bold social lifestyle hotel and the “Wayfarer”, a high-end shared-economy lodging concept for the millennial traveler.

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