Alicia Sheber

international editor
Boutique Design

Alicia Sheber is Boutique Design’s newly appointed international editor, having contributed articles to the publication from her base in London for a number of years.

Alicia designed interiors for hospitality studios in Denver, Colorado, and London, and, after completing an MBA in International Marketing and Luxury Branding in Paris, provided marketing services for top interior designers and architects. She is, as far as she knows, the world’s only ghostwriter (certified via California State University) specializing in hospitality design. Alicia also puts her ghostwriting skills to use with curriculum development for the University of Cambridge’s Masters in Entrepreneurship program. An oenophile who sold wine for several years, her love of gastronomy led to her becoming the author of the “Going Out” chapter in Explorer Publishing’s Complete Residents’ Guide to Paris, while her degree in Religion ignited her lifelong passion to learn about the infinite paths for making sense of the world.