Pia Barton

founder and chief executive officer
Malaya Botanicals

Pia Barton, Founder/CEO of Malaya Botanicals has been in the Cannabis Industry for 4 years.  She spent the first 3 years in the THC side in Sales & Marketing for various cannabis companies. She was also the Board of Director for Small Farmers Association in Mendocino assisting farmers with their licensing and marketing.  Through her journey in the industry, she discovered CBD as she was battling her own health issues with Sciatica and Fibromyalgia. When CBD changed her life mentally, emotionally and physically, she decided to embark on a personal journey to create Malaya Botanicals – CBD Wellness product line.  She’s made it her advocacy to normalize cannabis and to provide the highest quality of CBD products while advocating self-care through empowerment, education and community outreach.