Richard Millard

chairman and chief executive officer
Trust Hospitality

Richard Millard is the Chairman and CEO of Trust Hospitality.  Richard was born in London and at the age of 17 immigrated to the United States.  Shortly after arriving in New York he began his career in hospitality, first as a mail and information clerk on the night shift at the Hilton Hotel in Mid-­Town.  Over the years, Richard worked his way through the ranks of the industry, beginning as a bellman and car park attendant in a Key Biscayne hotel and elevating himself to the lead position of General Manager of  a 1000 + room Hyatt.

In 1984, Richard began working at Trust Hospitality (then called “Tecton Hospitality”). Throughout the next decade, under Richard’s leadership, Trust Hospitality successfully managed over 150 hotels as work-outs for the federal government and private banks. In 1995, Richard became the majority shareholder and President. In 2004, Richard launched the boutique division of Trust Hospitality and in 2008 formed Trust Hospitality International (formerly   Desires Hotels International) in partnership with Michael Register. In 2010, Richard merged Trust Hospitality with Ocean Blue Hospitality. Today, as Chairman and CEO, Millard focuses on strategic issues including financing the company’s growth plan and   developing   further   strategic   partnerships. The company continues to concentrate on resort and urban projects throughout the world.