BDNY’s signature Designed Spaces allow attendees to experience dozens of design elements for hospitality interiors in the context of exquisite lounges, cafes and other gathering spaces throughout the exhibit floor. Each space is created by a leading hospitality design firm using products from multiple BDNY exhibitors/sponsors—a unique collaboration of industry innovators, with stunning results.

AVEC Lounge


by Wilson Associates

Wilson Associates

Design Team:

Michael Crosby, Design Director & Principal

Louie Sison, Senior Designer

Kevin Caulfield, Senior Design Manager – FF&E

Kevin Tyjer, Senior Project Designer

Nunturat Robbamrung, Associate Design Director

Laura Yu, Design Intern

Amanda Tower, Project Manager

Tim Caffin, Interactive Designer

AVEC Lounge is a space for convergence, where perspectives, ideas, culture, design talent and the guest experience come together. Amidst the frenetic energy of the trade fair and the city, Wilson Associates designers created an interruption — a refreshing intermission – for guests to pause, recharge and appreciate the beauty discovered in small, unexpected places and moments. The word “interruption” often carries a negative connotation; however interruptions can offer us much-needed opportunities to recharge or reexamine our perspectives. AVEC Lounge offers a chance to unwind and mingle, a respite from the business and excitement during BDNY. A dynamic floorplan encased within the rectangular envelope prevents you from walking directly through the space in a straight line. Visitors are forced to meander, to stop and take breaks, to connect with others, to refresh and nourish. A moody and elegant palette of deep blues, black and crisp white fills the modern and progressive space, with accents of brass and dark reflective surfaces. The dark, calming tones draw visitors inside, interrupting their energetic experience at the trade fair and asking them to pause and enjoy.

Feature Area Sponsors:

M Group
, DAC Art Consulting

Product Sponsors:

Pioneer Pro Audio

Product Contributor:

Robert Allen Duralee Group

Mélange: Assembled


by Studio Partnership

Studio Partnership

Design Team:

Karin Harrington, CID, Principal

Lauren Christel, CID, Director of Design

Chad Flickinger, CID, Senior Designer

Nodji Maouyo, Junior Designer

Mélange: Assembled showcases an assortment of design elements and materials crafted with the utmost care, to create an environment primed to host activities of education, entertainment, and relaxation. Using the principles of biophilic design the, space establishes a sense of wonderment and curiosity. Light, shadow, color, and natural textures are harmoniously composed to facilitate and urge the guest to explore and seek connection with both natural and built environments, and fellow guests. Mélange: Assembled is a gathering venue – a retreat to work, learn, and play.

Feature Area Sponsors:

Fairmont Designs, Lucid Candle, Ratana Furniture, Renaissance Contract Lighting and Metal Furniture, simplehuman, Studio El, Swavelle Hospitality

Product Sponsor:

Pioneer Pro Audio

Product Contributors:

Milliken Hospitality





Design Team:

Anne Wilkinson, Principal

Martin Östlund, Associate

Erin Altman, Senior Designer

Kevin Chung, Junior Designer

With roots in ancient Egyptian iconography and Greek magical tradition, the ancient symbol of OUROBOROS shows a snake consuming its own tail in an endless circle. This magical representation symbolizes nature’s infinite cyclicality; of life recreating itself.

Mysterious and moody, the Ouroboros lounge is a fun, fantasy escape that juxtaposes the symmetry and order of classical gardens, with the beautiful chaos and organic shapes of nature. We heighten reality with super-scaled flora and fauna, bold colors and reflective surfaces. A secret experience tunnel takes you away from the hectic trade fair floor, resets your frame of mind, leaving you refreshed and reawakened.

Feature Area Sponsors:

Indiewalls, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Contract, Norcross Furniture Company, Royal Thai, Teaki Tiles for Island Living/ Island Living, Valley Forge Fabrics

Product Sponsor:

Pioneer Pro Audio

Product Contributors:

Marset, Visual Comfort



by Studio 11 Design

Studio 11 Design

Design Team:

Kellie K. Sirna, Principal

Stacy V. Elliston, RID, IIDA, LEED AP, Principal

Michael L. Brown, RID, LEED AP, Brand Manager and Project Designer

Kangana Bhatnagar, IIDA, Senior Project Manager

Hellen M. Hale, Interior Designer

Victoria Denny, Interior Designer

Jacqueline Garner, Interior Designer

Reverie: A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream. Our space, Reverie, explores the relationship between planes of reality and a dream-like state, by inviting guests to journey into a realm not experienced in their daily consciousness. The many adorning artworks will take their eyes on a dance throughout the space, emphasizing the transition into a fanciful state. Sophisticated floral elements, traditional portraits, and billowing tapestries blur the lines between Baroque and Surrealism to suggest the feeling of intermundium, the space between worlds. The furnishings and finishes, streamlined throughout, act as a stage for the artwork to shine, and give the mind and body a haven to rest upon. Our space captures the nostalgic essence of a daydream that pulls one away from reality, if only for a moment, and will leave guests with the lingering sensation that their Reverie might be here to stay.

“We wanted this design to inspire guests to enter a lively and playful mind-space, by way of interacting with their surroundings. While this is impactful itself, we hope each person who enters can find within it something to add to their mental bank for future Reveries, whether subconsciously or otherwise.” -Kellie Sirna, Principal

Feature Area Sponsors:

Delta Faucet, 
F&D Commercial Flooring, 
, Kenco Hospitality, 
Van Teal Inc.

Product Sponsor:

Pioneer Pro Audio

Product Contributor:

Zenith Rugs

Rooftop Garden Party


by Duncan Miller Ullmann

Design DMU

Design Team:

Kimberley Miller, CEO & Design Principal

Chad Rogers, Vice President

Wendy Mancha, Director of Purchasing

Brittany Cutler, Project Designer

Who doesn’t love a garden party? Duncan Miller Ullmann is excited to invite you to our Rooftop Garden Party at BDNY. Escape to our lush lounge for great music, a sip from the bar, or a bite at the communal table and learn more about DMU’s impressive, international body of work. Our space is positively in bloom, featuring vibrant floral carpet and inviting spaces to sit, visit and take in the beauty of nature without having to step outside! Come create a memory in our photo booth and literally immerse yourself in our space.

Feature Area Sponsors:

Art Dallas, Garden on the Wall, Kosta Furniture, Moen, Reid Witlin, Ulster

Product Sponsor:

Pioneer Pro Audio

The Story of Hue


by Marriott globaldesignamericas

Marriott globaldesignamericas

Design Team:

Linda Laucirica, Sr. Design Director

Katie Astuto, Sr. Interior Design Manager

Chen Zen, Sr. Design Manager

Joanna Sohn, Interior Design Manager

Carolyn Tabor, Design Manager

Karen DeCrenza, Sr. Program Specialist

Jessica Quinn, Sr. Program Specialist

As we gather around the hearth within a sensually immersive encampment, you are invited to experience “The Story of Hue.” In this tale, Color is the primary character – evoking emotion, projecting meaning, transforming environments and even defining your aura.

Explore the essence of story-driven narrative design through a series of interactive installations that represent the souls of each of Marriott’s five Premium Distinctive Full Service Lifestyle brands – Westin, Le Meridien, Renaissance, Autograph Collection and Tribute Portfolio.

Enjoy a coffee or cocktail during one of our signature “Sip and Tell” sessions. Mingle, relax, collaborate and be inspired to go out there and shape the world of hospitality along with our Industry Partners and Marriott Global Design Americas. #Storyofhue

Feature Area Sponsors:

Dal-Tile, Illumination Lighting, Janus et Cie, LacquerCraft Hospitality, Peerless Contract, Wendover Art, Wonderlys

Product Sponsors:

Applied Textiles
, Fabricut, 
Pioneer Pro Audio



by Marriott globaldesign

Marriott globaldesignamericas

Design Team: Distinctive Premium Brands

David Kepron, Vice President

Kavitha Iyer, Sr. Design Manager

Robyn Kaminski, Director of Design

Design Team: globaldesign Americas

Brenda Kuhn, Interior Design Manager

Graciela Heintz, Sr. Design Manager

Jason Millhouse, Director of Design and Project Management

Tom Kostelecky, Director of Design

Rado Ivanov, Director of Design

Come relax, unwind and discover a journey of delights in Marriott International’s collaborative design space, Taste Travels. Look for the crystal beacon, and enter through a large, dynamic digital portal to zones for gathering and communing, ultimately ending in a wow! where you’ll experience the craft and artistry of Marriott Food and Beverage creations. The space is evocative of our F&B story, composed of many layers, textures and rich, vivid colors. Food and beverage has always brought people together, and our promise is to make this experience richer and more memorable for all those who travel with us.

Feature Area Sponsors:

FCeramic Technics, D3 LED, Fabric Innovations, Fairmont Designs, JVA Art Group, Lexmark+Hospitality, Maya Romanoff, Premier XD, Swarovski Lighting

Product Sponsor:

Pioneer Pro Audio

Product Contributor:

MTS Seating