Executive Leadership

Michelle Finn
VP, Boutique Design Group
C 312.961.2772
F 513.744.6959
E michelle.finn@emeraldexpo.com
Stacy Shoemaker Rauen
Editor in Chief, Hospitality Design magazine
Vice President, Hospitality Design Group
C 646.668.3751
F 917.797.6163
E stacy.shoemaker@emeraldexpo.com
Kevin Gaffney, CEM
Vice President & Group Show Director
Hospitality Design Group
C 770.291.5446
F 779.823.0205
E kevin.gaffney@emeraldexpo.com

Sales Team

Melani Beattie
Associate Publisher/Business Development Manager
O 312.218.5691
E melani.beattie@emeraldexpo.com
Keeli Schmidt (Key Accounts, Italy, Spain)
Sales Manager
O 770.291.5433
E keeli.schmidt@emeraldexpo.com
To confirm reserved space or follow-up on a pending application please contact:
Nicole Panzeca
Sales Representative
O 513.416.7533

Jana Roesch  (Companies 1-K, #)
Account Executive
O 770.291.5604
C 770.687.0644
F 770.234.4268
E Jana.Roesch@emeraldexpo.com
Kari Nylund (Companies L-Z, China)
Account Executive
O 770.291.5513
C 770.687.9710
F 770.234.5203
E Kari.Nylund@emeraldexpo.com

Conference, Operations, and Marketing Teams

Mary Scoviak
Conference Director
O 513.964.1785
E mary.scoviak@emeraldexpo.com

Sandi Luppert
Marketing Director
O 513.964.1791
E sandi.luppert@emeraldexpo.com

Jaime Smith
Creative Director
O 513.520.9268
E jaime@inklingcg.com
Cassie Maurer
Exhibitor Marketing Manager
O 513.964.1781
E cassie.maurer@emeraldexpo.com

Christina Green
Marketing Specialist
O 513.964.1782
E christina.green@emeraldexpo.com

Megan Baughman
Events Manager
O 513.964.1786
E megan.baughman@emeraldexpo.com
Keisha Byrd
Conference & Events Manager
O 513.964.1784
E keisha.byrd@emeraldexpo.com

Beth Sunderhaus
Conference & Events Coordinator
O 513.964.1779
E beth.sunderhaus@emeraldexpo.com

Jennifer Finn
Operations Manager
O 770-291-5511
E jennifer.finn@emeraldexpo.com

Cassie Scarborough
Operations Manager
O 770-291-5482
E cassie.scarborough@emeraldexpo.com
Kylie Sanders
Registration Coordinator
O (949) 226-5784
E kylie.sanders@emeraldexpo.com
Registration Support
O 508-743-8513
E BDNY@xpressreg.net